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Church of st. Peter the Apostle in Lublin

St. Peter the Apostle in Lublin is one of the oldest preserved churches in Lublin. The church belonged to the Bernardine Sisters, hence its frequent name “Bernardine Church”.

The history of this place dates back to 1617, when the first wooden chapel was officially built along with the adjoining, then still small, monastic building. In turn, modern history records on its pages important moments of the church related to the solidarity social movement and exceptional masses after the death of Bl. Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko. Such an important church for Lublin’s history cannot do today, in the age of digitization, without modern communication channels.

A website was created that fully shows the values ​​of this church along with its history. Cumulus has prepared a version of the website for both the desktop and mobile devices. The website contains not only colorful photos but also a virtual walk, thanks to which you can see the interior of the church without leaving your home.

Cumulus also prepared a printed version of the information about the church. In a modern form, we presented the most important information about the building, an archival plan, ground floor plans, as well as a short glossary of terms.