A new system of visual identification

Agata Bicka-Cenzartowicz Law Firm

Logo w sposób bezpośredni nawiązuje do wąskiej specjalizacji prawnej The logo directly refers to the narrow legal specialization of the Law Firm, which is banking law. We used the universal and globally recognizable symbol of the Roman temple – for centuries associated with the foundations of modern banking, which was shaped precisely in the temples adjacent to the Roman Forum.

The reference to classicist patterns, in the case of visual identification of legal institutions, is intuitive and leaves positive informational associations for the potential recipient of services. The mark has been simplified, which convinces Clients that the Law Firm maintains simple and transparent communication.

At the same time, by using thicker lines, the sign itself makes a greater impression and remains noticeable among other logos with which it must compete in the urban space (the area of ​​the city where the Law Firm is located is a popular place to rent premises by other institutions of this type)

Sygnet jest efektem pracy projektanta odpowiadającej potrzebom The signet ring is the result of the work of a designer corresponding to the client’s needs, who has specified which aspects of the Law Firm’s work should be paid attention to in the visual communication system.

Identyfikacja wizualna

Identyfikacja wizualna opiera się na zmultiplikowanym symbolu świątyni, układającym się w nowoczesny, geometryczny wzór. Całość wzbogacona jest przez zastosowanie metalicznego, chłodnego odcienia złota.