Promotion movie


The promotional spot for the Lublin company JG Group is an example of a modern approach to video advertising. In order to convey the most important aspects and professionalism of such an important company, our agency’s film studio did not take shortcuts.

JG GROUP is a company that provides comprehensive services for plants in the automotive, aviation and machinery sectors. JG GROUP offers a wide range of products, incl. for machining. The CUMULUS Advertising Agency is proud of the cooperation that resulted in the creation of a promotional film.

The CUMULUS Advertising Agency took care of the comprehensive mastery of the client during this project, from start to finish, including script preparation, implementation and post-production.

The promotional spot meets today’s standards in the field of film production. A concise form, short clip time (less than 1 minute) and lively dynamic editing are modern standards when it comes to online advertising.

All materials produced by our Lublin agency are recorded and assembled on professional equipment that meets the current market standards in the field of video production. If you are interested or want to take care of your brand image, write to us. We will prepare a free quote for you.