Promotion movie


A large group of advertising films that the CUMULUS Advertising Agency implements are short videos to be used in social media, e.g. in channels on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube.

Elpes is the largest manufacturer of cosmetic packaging in the Lublin region and not only, focused on laminate printing and the production of tubes. The CUMULUS Advertising Agency had the opportunity to cooperate with him on many projects.

Dzisiaj krótka formToday, a short form of video is the most attractive for internet users and it builds prestige, quality and image on the Internet. What distinguishes the films recorded for the Elpes company is a modern approach to the issue of video branding. The material shows the depth of field, all frames are clearly exposed to show as much detail as possible.

The recordings were made at the client’s premises in the economic zone in Lublin. The video editing and editing was performed in our graphic studio by specialists experienced in this field.

The CUMULUS Advertising Agency developed and comprehensively prepared the clip. The scope of activities includes the preparation of a film script, ground photos, shots from the drone and the interior of the building, and then recording of voiceovers, editing and video mastering.