2 in 1 – a website for Manufaktura Smaku i Zabawy

When creating the website for Manufaktura Smaku i Zabawy, we were supposed to combine two aspects of our client’s activity. We focused on “2 in 1” – two websites in one. A clear typographic and color division unambiguously transfers us to two areas – the Restaurant and the Playroom for children.

The innovative design attracts attention – an unconventional selection of colors, fonts, icons and graphics. We have created a website that is very friendly to potential recipients and their needs. The colors are vivid and positive. Red refers to the specificity of the cuisine served in the restaurant – pizza – and characteristic colors, clearly associated with the additives on it. Yellow is also the color of joy and fun, while red is associated with love – e.g. for pizza! The website fits perfectly into the brand identification system and is consistent with the company’s logo.

We based the website for Manufaktura Smaku i Zabawy on CMS WordPress and we took care of the functionality for both the recipients and our client. The website presents a modern design, which uses user-friendly implementations and adapting the website to mobile devices. We put on it everything that is most important and necessary – menu, gallery, offer and all other important information, as well as prepared advertising texts. Comprehensive and fast!