Promotion movie

Hotel Arłamów

Arłamów has once again become a training base for the Polish National Team. On May 28, 2018, the players started training before the World Cup in Russia.

The promotional video prepared by the Cumulus Advertising Agency for the hotel confirms the trend of using video materials in advertising activities by the hotel industry in Poland.

Each hotel tries to prepare its interior and offer so that each client can feel at home. And what is the best way to show the interiors and hospitality of the hotel staff? It’s easy! It is best to record a short, inspiring film that will help the viewer move to this place, even for a moment.

The Cumulus Advertising Agency developed and comprehensively prepared the clip. The scope of activities includes the preparation of a film script, ground photos, shots from the drone and the interior of the building, and then recording of voiceovers, editing and video mastering.