Promoting the Calpro yoghurt campaign

The long-term cooperation of the Cumulus Advertising Agency with OSM Krasnystaw has resulted in the creation of a full creative line and design solutions for the Calpro line of functional yoghurts.

Calpro yoghurts are products for modern and conscious consumers who, in addition to health values ​​(such as: increased amount of calcium and probiotics), value the convenience and convenience of the packaging. The designed bottle is very comfortable and fits perfectly in the hand.
The graphics on the various variants show consumers the flavors of yogurt: apricot, pomegranate or plum.

In order to tell customers about the advantages of these unique yoghurts as fully as possible, Agencja Reklamowa Cumulus has prepared a website. It included detailed information on the advantages and data on individual product variants. The website was based on WordPress CMS. Internet users could watch it both in the desktop version and in the mobile version; responsive.

The inhabitants of the Lublin region may also remember this graphic from outdoor advertising. and this is due to the largest advertising banner in the Lublin region, prepared by the Cumulus Agency, hung at Aleja Tysiąclecia in Lublin.