Academy of Sports Volunteering

Cumulus webmasters undertook the preparation of a very extensive internet platform for the Sports Volunteering Academy, facilitating contact for volunteers, ready to help in the organization of sports events and sports clubs.

Thanks to the proprietary system for registering clubs and volunteers, system administrators have full control over the entire community associated in the Sports Volunteering Academy. This tool also enables them to keep accurate statistics and monitor the development of the idea of ​​volunteering in sports.

The website of the Sports Volunteering Academy is equipped with a large number of functionalities (a calendar, a zone for clubs and volunteers, personal and club profiles, an offer search engine, etc.) is a great, developmental tool that will significantly shorten the distance between a person willing to act and a club that needs help when organizing sports competitions.

Although working on the website was one of the biggest challenges our web department faced, we managed to satisfy both our ambitions and the requirements of the client – UMCS Alumni Foundation.

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Akademii Wolontariatu Sportowego jest w pełni responsywna oraz zaprojektowana zgodnie z obowiązującymi trendami.