Rebranding of the website of the Aeroklub Lubelski

Every now and then we witness technological changes that affect all areas of our lives. Our customers are also following the times, meeting the current reality and the needs of consumers. Lublin Aero Club, for which we have recently prepared a completely new website is an example of this trend.

What do today’s audience need? First of all to quickly find what they are visiting a given page for. They don’t want to spend too much time on the website, the outdated design scares them off, and intrusive ads and pop-ups are irritating. With the comprehensive implementation of the website for the Aeroklub Lubelski in Radawiec, we were guided by the functionality and the need to quickly find what a potential customer was on the site for.

From now on, on the website of the Lublin Aero Club, you can quickly find vouchers for plane flights or parachute jumps, see what is currently happening at the airport or read the history of the club.

We based the website for Aeroklub Lubelski on CMS WordPress. We placed galleries, sliders, animations, transitions on it – so we used many effects that are designed to dynamise and facilitate the reception of the website. We have added an online store where you can make purchases easily and quickly. The colors of the website are based on associations with flying and the sky.

Functional, modern, clear – this is the new website of the Lublin Aeroclub.