Logo design

HF Broker Real Estate Agencies

The construction of the HF Broker logotype is based on a combination; the client’s name written in a modern font and a signet which intrigues the recipient with its structure and ambiguity.

The name of the company comes from the combination of the first letters of the words Home (association with home and construction, real estate consulting) and Finance (a reference to financial services addressed to both business entities and private clients). The signet ring is visually very attractive because it shows overlapping surfaces, creating a common space.

Te płaszczyzny mają symbolikę, która pozwala na dwojaką interpretację. These planes have symbolism that allows for two interpretations. The first is that the logotype is presented as a pile of sheets of paper or e.g. documents, notarial deeds, contracts. On the other hand, the straight angles of this shape and size suggest a multi-story house building. Designers from the Cumulus Agency designed the logo using gray and blue colors which are associated with financial services, reliability, discretion and professionalism.