Visual identification


Modern design and minimalism are the main features of the new visual identity of the Polish cosmetics brand Cynkokrem, which was created in cooperation with the Cumulus advertising agency.

Store shelves are full of products in various shapes, sizes and colors, because there are currently a huge number of companies on the market that want to focus the attention of a potential customer on their offer. The product packaging is the first element that customers have contact with, which is why the Cynkokrem brand has focused on a fully personalized and modern design of its cosmetics packaging.

The new logo created by specialists from the Cumulus advertising agency was preceded by an in-depth analysis of the brand’s communication goals and identification of the target group. The project was developed in a coherent manner, corresponding to the current trends that emphasize modernity and minimalism.

The brand logo on the packaging is a reference to the visual identity of Amara Company, especially the original font, which was used in other company materials. An important issue is the main color, which was distinguished on the basis of research on the Polish pharmaceutical market carried out by the Cumulus advertising agency. The color of the Cynkokrem brand emphasizes its delicacy and subtlety, because the main task of its products is to improve the condition of the delicate skin of a child.

Undoubtedly, the appearance is important, especially when it comes to product packaging. Adjusting the design to the appropriate industry is extremely important, because thanks to this, it will be associated with professional cosmetics, which are necessary when caring for the health of children and infants.