New website

TOYOTA Dobrygowski

TOYOTA Dobrygowski dealer focuses on a new image on the web. In cooperation with the CUMULUS Advertising Agency, the website has been enriched with unique and necessary solutions that meet today’s web design standards.

A modern website should be characterized by user-friendly navigation, speed of operation and stability. These features were guided by the webmasters of the CUMULUS Advertising Agency when building the website.

An indispensable element of the website is the website engine, in this case based on the WordPress CMS, which combines the website versions for each of the customer showrooms located in different locations. Thanks to the use of such a solution, the website has become a coherent whole, operating on a dynamic CMS software.

One of the effects of the introduced improvements is also the improvement of the speed of the website, the current speed of which has fluctuated in the range of about 6-7 seconds. Thanks to our actions, we have lowered this threshold below 1 second.

Another important aspect is customizing the display of your website on mobile devices. Thanks to the refinement of this area, users can safely and conveniently (according to UX standards) browse car offers on their phones.