Promotion movie


A clip presenting the history of the INTER-ELEKTRO group prepared for the anniversary of its activity. INTER-ELEKTRO is one of the largest groups dealing in the trade of electrical products.

The CUMULUS Advertising Agency took care of the recording and editing of this clip. The main idea behind the implementation of this project was to show the importance and role of the Inter-Elektro network in Poland.

The challenge for the film studio of the CUMULUS Advertising Agency was the need to depict the content without the use of film materials (e.g. video recordings). Everything was done only by our editors and graphic designers

Sometimes our clients have a lot of archival materials worth using, such as video recordings or photos. In this case, the client decided to show the aspects and competitive advantages of his company from its very beginning.

The music and voice-over recordings used in the clip additionally emphasize the aforementioned advantages. This form of video is a very good advertisement which helps to create a brand image.