Promotion movie

Film on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Spiżarnia

Spiżarnia Polish Food is a modern, innovative Polish logistics company from the FMCG industry, which distributes goods in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

In its index, it has 11,000 types of products that are distributed, among others from the logistics center in Lublin. Recently, the #Cumulus agency team had the opportunity to prepare a film showing the company’s many years of experience and its capabilities.

The first stage of the production of this advertising film was the preparation of a film script by the employees of the CUMULUS Advertising Agency in Lublin. It is the basis of the good work of everyone on the set. Thanks to it, the cameraman, director, production manager, extras and actors know exactly what their tasks are during the recording.

The next stage were shooting days in the modern logistics center of Spiżarnia in Lublin. We shot the shots with DSLR cameras, tripods and image stabilizers. The film also uses a drone shot. It was possible because our Agency has an appropriate certificate of flying a drone for commercial purposes.

Editing and editing the video of this film is characterized by a modern approach to the subject of corporate advertising, the shots are dynamic and impress with a large palette of colors. The animators of the Agency prepared the opening and closing inscriptions referring to the oval logo of the pantry. The final process of this film was colorization in post-production.

We are glad that more and more brands focus on developing their image on the Internet in video formats. If your company is thinking about a new film – please contact us!