Thanks to professional knowledge and competences, we can design a website that will meet your expectations. We create websites for large corporations as well as for small or newly established companies.

Today we don’t need to convince anyone that a responsive website is not only an attractive form of advertising, but also an excellent tool for communicating with the client. Thanks to the information updated on an ongoing basis, the website becomes a source of knowledge about the company, about new products it introduces to the market, about the activities undertaken by a given brand.

Websites designed by the CUMULUS Advertising Agency are a comprehensive service. We offer:

  • detailed analysis of the client’s needs,
  • defining the function of the website,
  • analysis of competitors’ activities,
  • developing the functionality and structure of the website,
  • designing individual, graphic web templates,
  • programming,
  • servicing and updating the website,
  • positioning promotion.

Recently, we have created websites, incl. for:

What should the website be like?

We draw from experience and also follow trends. You have to remember that a good, intuitive website is also good advertising. We design in accordance with the principles of Responsive Web Design (RWD) and flat design, so that you can browse the website on a mobile device.

Modules and functionality are not everything. The binding and legible graphic design of the website are also important. The direction of websites and mobile applications is the use of well-chosen typography as well as large, high-quality photographic images. The photos serve not only as an element building the website, but also tell a story —about the company, its services, the area of its ​​activities. Thanks to the professional photo studio we have at our headquarters (Lublin), we are able to take photos and prepare graphic advertising materials for your website.

Each page we design uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, Javascript / jQuery technologies. Thanks to this, we can also implement videos on websites. Professional advertising films about your company or products enliven and make any website more attractive. Thanks to this, you can provide information to a potential customer in an easy and fun way.

To make it easier for the customer to manage the website, we often implement the WordPress content management system (CMS), which allows you to easily update the website, e.g. entering content and news or adding photo and video galleries. 

  • design of a mobile website and a responsive website,
  • corporate website and website for a small business,
  • one-page page (the page scrolls, does not go to the next levels from the menu item),
  • landing page promoting your start-up,
  • mobile applications.

By choosing our company you choose professionalism and nearly 25 years of experience. If you want to improve your brand image, please let us know. We will prepare a free quote for you. We also invite you to check the portfolio and follow our profile on Facebook!