Graphic Design

We specialize in comprehensive and strategic branding for corporate and product brands. Graphic designs and their solutions do not come on their own, but are the result of multifaceted analyzes carried out by the entire team. Advertising graphic must be an extension of the client’s communication strategy, not just a picture that is pretty to the eye.

We believe that the brand identity is built through graphic solutions. Logo, colors, fonts and corporate design are the elements of identity that the market identifies during communication. Before we show our clients a new logo or a new visualization, we define communication goals and identify target groups.

Then we analyze the competition in terms of communication and the graphic solutions used. We believe that finding a distinct, different graphic style for a given brand is much better than following your competitors. Then we go to the creation phase. Thanks to our own know-how of the Cumulus Agency, we create graphic solutions that are not only original but also strategically effective.

What we offer:

  • creating comprehensive Visual Identification Systems
  • logo creation or restyling
  • strategic and graphic analyzes of brand identity (analyzes as part of Corporate Identity)
  • designing unit and collective packaging
  • designing job ads, leaflets, all kinds of folders and calendars
  • designing and production of special publications, incl. annual reports of companies
  • all advertising graphics (outdoor advertising projects, e.g. billboards, press advertising, multimedia advertising and 3D projects)

We have prepared graphic designs for such demanding customers as:

  • Amara
  • Polfa S.A.
  • Radio Złote Przeboje
  • University of Life Sciences in Lublin
  • Lutomiersk Commune
  • Bergers
  • Garden of Eden
  • and many more

Advertising trailer

According to research, as many as 71% of drivers consciously look at billboards while driving. When planning a promotional campaign, it is worth remembering to include forms of OOH advertising in the strategy. One of them is the advertising trailer, which is the most effective form of outdoor advertising. In comparison with the classic billboard, it has a definite advantage. Why? Two factors are decisive: mobility and accessibility.


Research confirms that images presented in motion, in this case, advertising posters are far more likely to catch the eye than steady ones.

Billboards are placed in fixed locations, large clusters, usually along main streets in large cities, on building facades or fences. The mobile campaign is 100% visible, it will not be obscured by other ads, architectural elements, or vegetation.

In addition, by wrapping the trailer on both sides, our chance of reaching the customer increases twofold. The message is then directed to all traffic participants, pedestrians, and drivers on both sides of the street.

Mobile advertising is a flexible solution. Its route does not have to close within the boundaries of large cities, it can be fully customized to places where it is most likely to reach the customer’s chosen target group. This aspect is particularly valuable during election campaigns. The candidate then has the opportunity to reach even the smallest towns with his image.


Does your campaign need to get off the ground as soon as possible? Or maybe it’s a short-lived campaign promotion? The solution is an advertising trailer. Billboards in top locations are expensive and difficult to access, and their rental is usually long-term. You can rent a mobile even overnight, and the length of such a campaign is up to you.

A team of Cumulus graphic designers will help you prepare the creation of the mobile billboard. We will design unique graphics for you or adapt your idea to technical requirements. We will provide you with an advertising area of 5,04 m x 2,38 m.

By choosing our company you choose professionalism and nearly 25 years of experience. If you want to improve your brand image, please let us know. We will prepare a free quote for you. We also invite you to check the portfolio and follow our profile on Facebook!