Multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing is a strategy that aims to surround consumers with marketing messages from many different sides, using all possible communication channels. Skillful selection and coordination of marketing tools allows to achieve synergy and more effective communication with the group of recipients of the advertising message.

The rapid development of new media enables the development of marketing plans that use a number of different tools for communicating with potential and current customers.

Currently the boundaries between the traditional division of marketing activities into two types: ATL (Above the line) and BTL (Below the line) are rapidly blurring.

By ATL we understand marketing activities carried out with the participation of traditional media, i.e. television, radio, press, outdoor and indoor advertising. Their task is to create and consequently sell the image of the product. They build the reach of the campaign. Currently, an equally large reach can be built on Facebook, using tools appropriately tailored to the consumer.

70% of customers make a purchasing decision directly at the store shelf. Emotions conveyed by traditional media (ATL) need to be strengthened. That is why support at the point of sale is so important.

BTL — activities aimed directly at the group of potential recipients of the product,using marketing tools at the point of purchase, such as:

  • opracowanie i development and implementation of a strategy for activities in social media
  • viral marketing
  • advertising materials for Internet
  • printed advertising material and gadgets
  • exhibition systems
  • packaging (nets, cartons),
  • promotions: samplings, animations, lotteries, competitions,

There is digital marketing in our lives — a field that uses digital media, e.g. TV, radio, Internet, mobiles. The optimal selection of marketing tools is important. Instead of a very expensive broadcast of a TV spot, you can bet on an advertising campaign on the web using short visual forms (clip, animation) that will reach a selected audience.

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